Member application fields

A special feature of the CABMM is the fact that we do not focus on only one particular medical field, but rather on translational and interdisciplinary aspects. Thus, under the slogan "From bench to bedside ... and back", the CABMM is dedicated to fostering advances in the following applied, clinically oriented research fields:

(A) Experimental Medicine and Surgery

Application of biotechnology products in animal models as basis for human clinical trials

  • Integration and adaptation at systemic, organ and cellular level (e.g., Biocompatibility)
  • Optimization of the products
  • Optimization of animal models (e.g., anesthesia, analgesia) and analytical techniques


(B) Molecular Medicine

Understanding of molecular mechanisms in diseases states that are to replaced, supported or modulated by biotechnology products

  • Local drug delivery, targeting
  • Characterization of cellular and molecular adaptation
  • Development of new strategies for treatment of diseased organs by replacement tissues
  • Understanding of their funtionality and needs


(C) Regenerative Medicine

Optimization of generating replacement tissues in vitro and their surgical implantation in vivo

  • Generation and optimization of bioreactors, cell culture conditions
  • Scaffolds and matrices as structural basis of replacement tissues
  • Organ regeneration by cell transplantation (e.g., mesenchymal stem cells)


(D) Applied Biotechnology

Design and development of "intelligent biotechnology products" for tissue engineering

  • Material science, nanotechnology
  • Pharmaceutics, drug screening
  • Change of molecular surface structures (scaffolds, matrices)
  • Induction and conduction of the bodies own cells
  • Local drug-release, drug targeting