Prof. Dr. Alois Boos

Foto Alois Boos

Institute of Veterinary Anatomy,
Vetsuisse Faculty,
University of Zurich

Group Boos
Institute of Veterinary Anatomy


Morphology and functional aspects of the bovine oestrous cycle and the development and release of the bovine placenta is one field of interest. In the past, immunohistochemistry and other morphological and histochemical methods were used to characterize these aspects of bovine reproduction. Our new laboratories for cell culture and molecular biology enable us to continue this field of interest using these recent methodologies.
In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Annette Liesegang, Institute of Animal Nutrition of the Vetsuisse Faculty, parameters of the calcium metabolism are the second field of interest. Immunohistochemistry and molecular methods are used to gain insight into various aspects of intestinal calcium resorption in several species. In a new project, these parameters are also used to assess the bovine uterus and placenta.