Prof. Dr. Dominik Meyer

Foto Dominik Meyer

Department of Orthopaedics,
University Hospital Balgrist,



Our research focus is primarily on surgical reconstructive procedures on soft tissue in the shoulder and knee.

In a series of research projects on a sheep shoulder model, our group investigated over the last nineteen years the ethiology, pathophysiology and novel treatment options for rotator cuff tears. Particular interest lies in the degeneration and retraction of the musculotendinous unit in chronic tendon tears and includes investigation of the optimal radiological imaging, neurological function, muscle perfusion, macroanatomy and muscle architecture, physiological performance, microstructure in EM and histology, and biomolecular changes. Novel treatment approaches include chemical anabolic stimulation, mechanical expansion of the musculotendinous unit and optimization of the surgical techniques.

On the knee, we primarily investigate novel treatment approaches for the reconstruction and repair of the cruciate ligament in vivo and in vitro. We are successfully gathering new knowledge on the physiological behavior of collagenous tissue such as ligaments, tendons and menisci as a reaction to mechanical repair and fixation devices and how to exploit this behaviour for improved surgical and technical repair and fixation methods.