Prof. Dr. Martin Flück

Foto Martin Flück

Laboratory of muscle plasticity,
University Hospital Balgrist,

Balgrist Campus
Laboratory of muscle plasticity


The research of my laboratory centers on discovering the mechanisms responsible for changes in the muscle system in response to different stimuli. Specific emphasis is set on clinical conditions after disturbance of the mechano-regulatory signaling pathway (mainly mechano-sensory focal adhesions). In this regard, a major topic is to discover pathway changes responsible for the degeneration of the detached rotator cuff and to predict the response of the peripheral muscle to corrective surgery. Towards this end, we analyze human clinical samples using a combination of functional, anatomical and genetic approaches. This is completed with proof of principle work in animal models, to test the efficacy of genetic and pharmacological interventions to halt or even reverse muscle degeneration after tenotomy. The final goal is to build up a basic research understanding related the muscular changes, which can be easily translated into the clinical practice.