Dr. Vincent Wavreille

Photograph Vincent Wavreille

Clinic for Small Animal Surgery,
Vetsuisse Faculty,
University of Zurich

Clinic for Small Animal Surgery


My primary research interest is surgical oncology with focus on animal models for cancer research. This is a very relevant topic and one of the research priorities at Vetsuisse. Oncology is a rapidly expanding field in both human and veterinary medicine. The similarities between veterinary and human patients provide naturally occurring models for human cancer. Spontaneous cancers in client-owned dogs closely recapitulate their human counterparts with respect to clinical presentation, histological features, molecular profiles, and response and resistance to therapy, as well as the evolution of drug-resistant metastases. Even if surgery remains the main treatment approach for solid tumors in people and pets, a multimodal approach including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, interventional radiology, and surgery shows promising results. A strong collaboration between our different services (surgical oncology, medical oncology, and radiation oncology) is key in the development of novel approaches and better clinical outcomes.

Our research aims at the development of novel cancer treatments:

  • Development of minimally invasive approaches: These research projects revolve around the hypothesis that we can provide the same type of treatment (cytological reduction) but via a less invasive approach reducing the morbidity and the potential complications associated with cancer treatments. The recent introduction of microwave ablation in veterinary medicine has given momentum to this specific research focus.
  • Development of new multimodal protocols combining radiation therapy and surgery to treat bone cancer.
  • Development of novel surgical reconstructive techniques (skin reconstructive procedures, targeted muscle reinnervation…)

My prior training includes a small animal surgical residency at The Ohio State University and a surgical oncology fellowship at the University of Florida. I was the director of the surgical oncology program at The Ohio State University and was involved in or led multiple clinical trials.