PD Dr. Marie-Noëlle Giraud

Foto Marie-Noelle Giraud

Department of Medicine,
University of Fribourg

Department of Medicine


Cardiovascular recovery and regeneration is the main focus of my research. I address both myocardial and vessel regeneration. The main goal is to understand and improve engineered tissue- and cell-based therapies to address cardiovascular diseases. I initially investigated the interaction between cells (myoblasts, mesenchymal stromal cells, embryonic stem cells, cardiomyocytes) and biomaterials as matrices (including hydrogels composed of matrigel and collagen or fibrin, solid matrices composed of polyurethane or poly-caprolactone (PCL), natural matrices such as pericardium as well as functionalized matrices). The potential of both cells and biomaterials are evaluated for the repair of vessels and the myocardium. In addition, I also study the paracrine effect of the engineered tissue-based therapy using animal models well established in our group.

Technical Expertise:

  • Animal model for cardiovascular diseases (mice, rat, rabbit)
  • Functional evaluation (high resolution echography)
  • 3D and bioreactor cell culture
  • Histology