Brigitte von Rechenberg

Brigitte von Rechenberg, Prof. Dr. med. vet., ECVS

Group Leader

Phone: +41 44 63 58410

Telfax: +41 44 63 58917

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. med. vet. Brigitte von Rechenberg is the Head of the Steering Committee of the Competence Center of Applied Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (CABMM) and is a Board Certified veterinary surgeon (Dipl. ECVS). She has extensive experience in clinical and experimental animal surgery, and has operated > 3500 sheep for different research projects. Her main research interest is based on bone and cartilage research focusing on mechanisms of cartilage remodeling and resurfacing and substitutes for cartilage and bone. In this area she has completed and published several research projects, where osteochondral plugs were used as cartilage replacement. In addition she is engaged in several projects related to the spine, such as vertebroplasty, disc degeneration and posterolateral fusion. As for bone and cartilage substitutes, she has studied the use of various biomaterials in conjunction with bone enhancing factors as well as basic mechanisms of cell signaling and interaction between bone resorption/ formation. In her basic research she has focused on the importance of subchondral bone on cartilage remodeling and inflammatory processes within bone leading to pathological bone resorption. She is also an expert in bone histology and her laboratory has specialized on bone and cartilage histology using methods with nondecalcified specimens, routine paraffin histology and immunhistochemistry.

The MSRU consists of 20 coworkers, of which 5 are technicians for animal care, bone histology and immunohistochemistry, 1 PhD student, 5 senior scientists and 9 doctorate students (veterinarians).