CABMM-affiliated publications 2020

* supported by a CABMM Start-up Grant
** performed partly on the CABMM Research Platform

** McLuckie M, Robotti F, Sanchez-Macedo N, Enderlin D, Frese L, Cheng PF, Levesque MP, Egaña JT, Poulikakos D, Ferrari A, Lindenblatt N
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Acta Biomater. 2020 Apr 1;106:136-144

Schwarzenberg P, Darwiche S, Yoon RS, Dailey HL
Imaging Modalities to Assess Fracture Healing.
Curr Osteoporos Rep. 2020 Mar 25 [Epub ahead of print]

* Krupkova O, Greutert H, Boos N, Lemcke J, Liebscher T, Wuertz-Kozak K
Expression and activity of hyaluronidases HYAL-1, HYAL-2 and HYAL-3 in the human intervertebral disc
Eur Spine J, 2020 Mar;29(3):605-615


Voelter K, Tappeiner C, Riond B, Nuss K, Bruetsch D, Pot SA
Evaluation of D-dimer levels in aqueous humor of rabbit eyes with and without induced intraocular fibrin and fibrinolytic treatment
Vet Ophthalmol, 2020 Mar;23(2):212-218


Siegenthaler B, Ghayor C, Ruangsawasdi N, Weber FE
The Release of the Bromodomain Ligand N,N-Dimethylacetamide Adds Bioactivity to a Resorbable Guided Bone Regeneration Membrane in a Rabbit Calvarial Defect Model.
Materials (Basel). 2020 Jan 21;13(3)

** Torres-Netto EA, Spiru B, Kling S, Gilardoni F, Lazaridis A, Sekundo W, Hafezi F
Similar Biomechanical Cross-linking Effect After SMILE and PRK in Human Corneas in an Ex Vivo Model for Postoperative Ectasia.
J Refract Surg. 2020 Jan 1;28(1):49-54

* Barreto G, Senturk B, Colombo L, Brück O, Neidenbach P, Salzmann G, Zenobi-Wong M, Rottmar M
Lumican is upregulated in osteoarthritis and contributes to TLR4-induced pro-inflammatory activation of cartilage degradation and macrophage polarization.
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Meier AF, Laimbacher AS
HSV-1 Amplicon Vectors as Genetic Vaccines.
Methods Mol Biol. 2020;2060:111-130