Pan European Networks


Brigitte von Rechenberg, Stephen Ferguson, Maurizio Calcagni, Karina Klein, Isabel Heckel
A customised endoprothesis for the stifle jonts of rabbits for preclinical studies

SciTech Europa Quarterly, Issue 28;146-147

CABMM Booklet: Concept, Network, Research Platform, Start-up Grant, Key People

SciTech Europa Quarterly, Issue 28;287-310

Stephen Ferguson, Karin Wuertz-Kozak
Electrospinning for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering

SciTech Europa Quarterly, Issue 27;132-135

Paolo Cinelli
Bone: a dynamic organ

SciTech Europa Quarterly, Issue 26;156-159


Ulrich Siler, Janine Reichenbach
Gene genies

Science and Technology, Issue 23;253-255

Brigitte von Rechenberg
Everyday ethical considerations

Science and Technology, Issue 23;256-257


Brigitte von Rechenberg, Karina Klein, Jean Ouellet
Bonestone® for posterolateral fusion

Government, Issue 20;82-83

Michael Künzler
Repairing rotator cuff tendons

Science and Technology, Issue 20;196-199

Booklet of some of the best CABMM articles/Feature presentation:
More than meets the eye
Everyday ethical considerations
Transcutaneous drug delivery
Translational Research
The path to understanding

Science and Technology, Issue 19;311-328
Science and Technology, Issue 18;277-294

Brigitte von Rechenberg, Michèle Sidler, Nathalie Fouché, Peter Kronen, Katja Nuss, Claudio Venzin, Friedrich von Hahn
Transcutaneous drug delivery

Government, Issue 17;212-215


Simon Pot, Farhad Hafezi
Using light to save sight

Science and Technology, Issue 17;216-217
Government, Issue 16;48-49

Brigitta Wichert, Annette Liesegang, Brigitte von Rechenberg
The path to understanding

Science and Technology, Issue 16;184-185
Government, Issue 15;68-69

Brigitte von Rechenberg, Karina Klein, Katja Nuss, Joerg Mayer
BoneWelding® Technology

Science and Technology, Issue 15;98-99

Peter Kronen
Requirements of anaesthesia and analgesia

Science and Technology, Issue 15;96-97
Government, Issue 14;48-49

Brigitte von Rechenberg, Simon P. Hoerstrup, Michael O. Hottiger
Translational Research

Science and Technology, Issue 14;112-113


David Spreng, Simone Forterre
Cranial cruciate ligament rupture

Science and Technology, Issue 13;186-189
Government, Issue 13;140-143

Brigitte von Rechenberg, Michael Plecko
Dynamisation of fracture healing

Government, Issue 12;208-211

Daniel Rüfenacht
The shape of things to come

Science and Technology, Issue 11;212-213
Government, Issue 11;170-171

Brigitte von Rechenberg
Not lost in translation

Science and Technology, Issue 10;224-225
Government, Issue 10;206-207

Marcy Zenobi-Wong, Lee Ann Laurent-Applegate
Lessons from the womb

Government, Issue 10;196-199

Brigitte von Rechenberg
From bench to bedside and back

Government, Issue 10;240-241


Brigitte von Rechenberg
Feature presentation

Science and Technology, Issue 09;279-281

Brigitte von Rechenberg
Research in permanence

Science and Technology, Issue 09;282-285
Government, Issue 07;102-105

Brigitte von Rechenberg
Excellence through co-oporation

Science and Technology, Issue 08;224-227