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Center for Applied Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine

CABMM Scientific Seminar

Currently running mini-series:

"Cartilage tissue engineering"

given by the Tissue Engineering and Biofabrication laboratory, ETH Zurich

  • 16.11.2023 - 12:15

"Introduction and light-based printing"
Prof. Dr. Marcy Zenobi-Wong (PhD)

  • 30.11.2023 - 12:15

"Injectable zwitterionic materials for treatment of osteoarthritis"
Maryam Asadikorayem, M.Sc., Patrick Weber, M.Sc.

  • 07.12.2023 - 12:15

"Osteochondral tissue engineering"
Dr. Philipp Fisch (PhD), Dr. Anna Puiggali-Jou

  • 12.12.2023 - 9:00

"3D printed ceramics for osteochondral grafts"
Prof. Dr. Hala Zreiqat (PhD)