Prof. Dr. André R. Studart

Foto André Studart

Complex Materials,
Department of Materials,
ETH Zurich

Complex Materials


Our research is focused on the design and assembly of new porous materials and functional capsules of potential use as scaffolds and drug release agents in regenerative medicine. In the area of porous materials, we use a templating method to produce 3D structures with monodisperse pores ranging from tens of nanometers to millimeters in size. The precisely controlled pore sizes covering multiple length scales enables the creation of scaffolds with pores matching the sizes of main tissue constituents, such as proteins, cells and blood vessels. We are interested in studying novel porous architectures that can provide physical and chemical cues to accelerate regeneration in soft and hard tissues. In the area of functional capsules, we use microfluidic devices to create capsules with deliberately controlled size, shell thickness and composition. Using this flexible tool we develop smart, responsive capsules that could potentially be used for the controlled release of drugs and growth factors in the body upon different types of external stimuli.