PD Dr. Christoph E. Albers

Foto Christoph Albers

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology,
University Hospital Bern

Department for Orthopaedic Surgery


Christoph E. Albers is a consultant spine surgeon at the Orthopaedic Department, University Hospital Bern, where he is in charge for the Spine Surgical Research Program. His previous research was based on the role of bone metabolism, osteogenesis, and bone healing. Furthermore, he has conducted and published a variety of clinical studies focusing on hip preservation surgery, trauma and emergency medicine, and spine surgery. Due to the increasing interest of the University of Bern in translational research, he found his role as a node between the basic research laboratory and clinical research with the intention of transferring and investigating clinically relevant research questions with a direct impact on patient care. The Orthopaedic Department with its different teams has a fundamental role in bringing this type of research forward. Christoph E. Albers is currently working on improving the outcome of spinal fusion surgery through the implementation of novel biological approaches that have previously been established by his own research group for fracture and critical size defect healing in long bones.