Prof. Dr. Franz E. Weber

Foto Franz Weber

Oral Biotechnology and Bioengineering,
Center of Dental Medicine,
University of Zurich

Center of Dental Medicine


The main interest of our research laboratory is the healing of large bone defects in the head region. To that end we produce and design growth factors, to promote bone formation and/or vascularization. We develop and test synthetic bone substitute materials and have a profound expertise on the development and design of biomimetic materials (fibrin gels, platelet rich plasma, synthetic hydrogels, synthetic fibrin, HA/TCP based materials). We also design and evaluate novel delivery systems for growth factors, in particular bone morphogenetic proteins and vascular endothelial growth factor, and try to identify enhancers of those growth factors including the development of dual delivery systems for growth factors and their enhancers. On our search for BMP enhancer, we identified epigenetically active substances and tested them for osteoporosis treatment and prevention. Recently we started a project on osteoconduction to determine the microarchitecture of 3D scaffolds for optimal bone ingrowth. Initially the scaffolds were produced by laser sintering of titanium powder. At present we produce our own calcium phosphate based scaffolds by lithography-based additive manufacturing.