Prof. Dr. Franck Forterre

Foto Franck Forterre

Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine,
Small Animal Surgery,
Vetsuisse Faculty,
University of Bern

Small Animal Surgery


The scientific interests of our group are canine intervertebral disc disease and atlantoaxial instability.
Within the last 10 years, a main focus was directed towards the pathophysiology of intervertebral disc herniation (IVDH) in dogs, with a clinical stream (dealing with IVDH-induced intramedullary blood flow and pressure changes in canine patients), a laboratory stream (focusing on IVD-induced inflammatory changes within the epidural space), a biomechanical stream (focusing on the cervical spine) and also a diagnostic imaging stream (investigation of prognostic relevant findings on MRI in correlation with pathological findings). A translational aspect is clearly present in our research, since the dog is a recognized naturally occurring clinical model for human disc degeneration and spinal cord trauma. In this way our technical activities really range from bench to “bedside”.