Prof. Dr. Laurent Audigé

Foto Laurent Audigé

Teaching, Research and Development,
Upper Extremity and Hand Surgery,
Schulthess Clinic Zurich

Schulthess Clinic


Laurent Audigé was trained in veterinary medicine in 1986 in France and worked for a few years in both small and large animal practices. He gained his Habilitation (PD) in epidemiology at the University of Bern in 2002, after joining the AO Foundation in Davos in the year 2000. He then changed his field of interest, and dedicated himself to clinical research in humans, focusing on the treatment of trauma and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. His own research is mainly related to the development and validation of fracture classifications, and the development of core sets for the documentation and reporting of surgical complications, as well as the implementation of health-economic investigations He is active at the University Hospital of Basel as an external scientific collaborator.

Clinical research into the evaluation and validation of outcome instruments (e.g. functional scores and quality of life questionnaires) has been a particular strength of the Upper Extremity Unit in the last decade. Selected sets of instruments are in routine use in the context of a long-term follow-up control of patients treated with shoulder prosthesis. Clinical registers were extended to other relevant problems and their treatment such as arthroscopic repair of shoulder rotator cuff tears, finger joint arthroplasty for osteoarthritis, various treatment for Dupuytren disease, and trauma patients. In this context we work towards the standardization of documentation of surgical complications to improve clinical research in this area and offer a new platform for continuous improvement among the surgical teams. A further research focus is on assessing the cost-effectiveness/cost-utility of surgical interventions. Laurent Audigé has expertise in clinical study implementation and clinical data analysis. He is a Stata programmer and user.