Prof. Dr. Dr. Patrick R. Kircher

Foto Patrick Kircher

Clinic for Diagnostic Imaging,
Vetsuisse Faculty,
University of Zurich

Clinic for Diagnostic Imaging


The Clinic for Diagnostic Imaging of the Vetsuisse Faculty provides a wide range of diagnostic imaging technologies being used in two main fields of research:

One is tumor perfusion and perfusion behaviour during therapy. This topic is investigated in collaboration with the Division of Radiation Oncology (CABMM member Carla Rohrer Bley) using contrast enhanced harmonic ultrasound and newly receptor targeted contrast media.

A second field of interest is angiographic techniques to demonstrate vascular anatomy in cases of acute and chronic cardiovascular and hepatic disease.

Lastly, functional imaging of neurologic disorders stays in the focus of the clinic. The application of MRI spectroscopy is investigated in dog models and in diseases seen daily on clinics.

Beside those main fields, rendering of diagnostic imaging services for other research groups is a mainstay of the Diagnostic Imaging Research Unit (DIRU), managed by Dr. Henning Richter. Providing modern tools (high-end ultrasonography, computed radiography, computed tomography and high-filed magnetic resonance tomography) and the know-how in animal diagnostic imaging are cultivated in high standards. These efforts lead to collaborations with veterinary orthopedic- and neurosurgery and the Musculoskeletal Research Unit (MSRU) of the Vetsuisse Faculty Zurich.

Anticipated synergies with existing research groups:

  • Service in angiographic technologies
  • Service in ultrasonographic functional imaging
  • Service in fMRI
  • Development of animal models in diagnostic imaging