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Center for Applied Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine

PD Dr. Stefan Stübinger

Foto Stefan Stübinger

Hightech Research Center of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Medical Faculty, University of Basel and University Hospital Basel

University Hospital Basel
Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology Group

The Department Biomedical Engineering at the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel was recently awarded a Flagship Project from the Werner Siemens Foundation (Zug/Switzerland). Aim of this interdisciplinary project called Minimally Invasive Robot-guided Computer-assisted Laser OsteotomE (MIRACLE) is the development of an endoscopic system for cutting bone with laser light. The project deals with three main topics:

  1. Laser technology and robotics
  2. navigation and augmented reality and
  3. smart implants and clinical transfer.

For the maxillofacial group at the Hightech Research Center in Basle the third work package will play a major role. A focus will be in the field of dental implants, nanomaterials, 3D printing, imaging, navigation and intelligent materials in oral health.

Among screening studies dealing with osseointegration in different animal models, also the influence of various smart biomaterials and nano-particles on the healing process will be scrutinized. Thereby, genomics and proteomics will help to get further insight in new treatment possibilities and strategies in oral and maxillofacial surgery in the future.

The long and succcesful cooperation between the MSRU and the Hightech Research Center will form the vital basis for these developments.