Prof. Dr. Sven Hirsch

Foto Sven Hirsch

Institute of Applied Simulation,
Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW),



Sven Hirsch is a trained physicist, specialized in image processing and physiology, lecturing complex bio simulation at ZHAW, Wädenswil. His research group biomedical simulation at ZHAW has a strong track record in simulating biological structures using continuum mechanical and individual based techniques. They also apply statistical models and machine learning to medical research questions. Sven is affiliated to the biomedical simulations group at ETHZ, that he formerly lead.

Prof. Hirsch`s team has a strong focus on vessel wall pathologies and their lifecycle. One field of attention is the treatment of cerebral aneurysms and the identification of image biomarkers to judge the disease state ( Here, the teams uses various approaches to model the transduction from mechanical forces to biological wall reactions. They investigate the interplay between blood flow, thrombus formation and inflammatory wall reaction together with partners form biology and clinic. This knowledge will help to better understand the healing processes involved in aneurysms and thus enable effective intervention e.g. endovascular devices.

The team employs models (i.e. prior knowledge) for interpreting medical images. This merges the two realms: image interpretation and complex modeling. This applies computational techniques to model selected aspects in physiological systems and use image data to validate these with real biological experiments. The underlying processes in focus include solid mechanics, fluid flow, chemical signaling, biology - and their interplay. With this systemic approach the team targets clinically relevant questions, covering both, basic research aspects and transitional research.