PD Dr. Maurizio Calcagni

Foto Maurizio Calcagni

Division of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery,
University Hospital Zurich

University Hospital Zurich
Skin Engineering Group


The main fields of interest are highlighted in the projects below, which started on the dates mentioned:

  • 2008 - Tendon healing and adhesion
  • 2009 - 3D-motion analysis of the hand and wrist
  • 2014 - Tissue engineering of skin and production of cultivated keratinocytes (Skin Engineering Platform)
  • 2014 - Development of Biological Biodegradable and anti-Bacterial Burn-wound Bandages (B5 Platform)
  • 2015 - Applications of adipose derived stromal vascular fraction for the treatment of different hand conditions (finger contractures in systemic sclerosis, osteoarthritis, nerve scarring)

Throughout my scientific career I worked on various projects and gained experience in different animal models for peripheral nerve regeneration studies, tendon surgery and neuro-anatomy. I have extensive experience in hand and plastic surgery (skin, bone, joint, muscle, nerves, tendons, prostheses) as well as microsurgery.