Prof. Dr. Dr. Simon P. Hoerstrup

Foto Simon Hoerstrup
  • Institute for Regenerative Medicine,
    University of Zurich;
  • Wyss Zurich, ETH and University of Zurich

Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Wyss Zurich


Regenerative Medicine is a new field of biomedicine focusing on the treatment of disease by re-establishing functionally compromised cells, tissues and organs. The concept is based on cellular therapies, tissue engineering and mechanisms to stimulate endogenous processes of repair and regeneration.

The Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the University Zurich ( in collaboration with the recently founded Wyss Zurich (, powered by the University Zurich and ETH, provides key components and expertise to enable basic and clinical research to work in concert. With the goal of patient-oriented translational research, the laboratories are designed for integrative projects of scientists in the fields of surgery/medicine, biomedical engineering, cell and molecular biology, physiology, materials science, nanotechnology, genomics, proteomics, drug delivery. A good manufacturing production (GMP) core-facility for cell-based regenerative therapies is established that allows to engineer tissues and to enable cell therapies that meet the requirements of Swissmedic and comparable international laboratory standards. This environment facilitates the transfer of regenerative technologies from bench to bedside.

Our current research focus is on a range of engineered tissues and cell-based therapies with the aim of making a lasting impact on conditions ranging from diabetes to heart disease. A specific expertise has been established in the field of cardiovascular regenerative medicine, including tissue engineered blood vessels and heart valves as well as cell based strategies for myocardial regeneration. Cell sources under investigation comprise stem cells (hES, iPS, EPC, MSC, Fetal SC) as well as fully differentiated cells derived from different human and animal tissues.