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Center for Applied Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine

Ambizione Grant

Foto Sabine Kling

We would like to congratulate Dr. Sabine Kling for receiving a highly prestigious Ambizione Grant for her proposal "Measuring local corneal biomechanical properties by multi-frequency vibrography: Moving towards an earlier diagnosis of pathologies and personalized computer simulations". She was able to convince the committee in a two step evaluation-procedure and is one of 89 awarded grant applicants. The project is located in the research field "engineering sciences" and within this research field she is actually the only female representative!

Sabine is member of the Ocular Cell Biology Group (head Prof. Farhad Hafezi) on the CABMM Research Platform. The main research interests of the group are ocular biomechanics, corneal wound healing, corneal infection, and progressive myopia.

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