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Center for Applied Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine

Elections CABMM Steering Committee

Foto Steering Committee

Because the term of office of all Steering Committee members ended this year, elections were hold on May 31, 2018 in line with the 11th CABMM Plenary Meeting. Simon Hoerstrup, Michael Hottiger, Annette Liesegang and Janine Reichenbach made themselves available for re-election.

We are happy that all of them were re-elected as members of the CABMM Steering Committee for the next three years. CONGRATULATIONS! We are looking forward to continuing fruitful discussions and decisions in line with the CABMM!

Prof. Brigitte von Rechenberg decided to step back from her position as Steering Committee member and also as chair of the CABMM Steering Committee. After her resignation, Simon Hoerstrup will be chairman of the Steering Committee and official transfer of office is end of June.

We are currently looking for new CABMM Steering Committee members. If you would like to suggest someone or if you are interested yourself, please contact us!